Livonia Township, Minnesota


Township Road Projects

2024 Road Projects

Starting the week of July 15th, road construction will be starting in the development northwest of Hunter Lake, between 100th/101st Street and 259th Avenue NW. The project will include reclaiming and re-paving of the existing road, as well as ditch, curb, and culvert work to help control stormwater runoff. Residents are asked to remove vehicles or other objects from the road.

The road will remain usable during this time, however, the road surface will be gravel and storms may create temporary washouts. The West Hunter Lake DNR boat access will be closed during this time. Concrete is currently scheduled for the week of August 5th, which will make concrete driveways or driveways behind concrete curb inaccessible for several days afterwards. We ask homeowners to be patient and park on the street during this week.

The project is currently scheduled to be completed the week of August 19th, however, construction is often subject to delays, particularly if the weather does not cooperate.

A full set of plans is available on file at Town Hall. Residents may contact William Tessmer, township engineer, at 763-270-6150, or, with any concerns.